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Cream Boar Hide

Our saddle 4/5 oz boar hides are ideal for chaps, black powder, crafts and leather craft accessories

Sold by the hide. Average hide is 16-19 sq. ft.

AF1537 $129.95
($116.95 w/ 10% discount)

Economy Price Printed Leather

An unique assortment of prints, exotic prints, smooth grained leather.

Earth tones and bright colors, perfect for leathercraft, bags, small accessories, lining and black powder. Sold assorted, our choice, colors.

45 Sq. Ft of 2-4 oz leather. Great Value!

SP1109 $39.95 $29.95
($35.96 w/ 10% discount)

Assorted Grain Leathers

Quality full grain leathers sold only in assorted colors, 2-4 oz. A great value for boots, handbags, wallets, cases, etc. Sold by the hide.

Average hide size 19-21 sq. ft.
AB0002 $39.95
($35.95 w/ 10% discount)

Average hide size 14-18 sq. ft.
AB0003 $30.95
($27.85 w/ 10% discount)

Miscellanous Deerskin Hides

Soft supple 3 oz deeskin is available in assorted colors at a value price. Ideal for pouches, crafts and Black Powder.

Sold by the hide. Assorted colors. B Grade.

Average hide is 7-10 sq. ft.
AB1010 $40.95
($36.85 w/ 10% discount)

Average hide is 11-15 sq. ft.
AB1011 $64.95
($58.45 w/ 10% discount)

Assorted Cowhide/Pigskin Suede

Value suede leather is 2-4 oz in assorted colors. Uses include pouches, garments, small leathergoods, black powder and more

Sold by the hide.

Average hide size 9-12 sq. ft.
AC0004 $19.95
($17.95 w/ 10% discount)

Average hide size 5-8 sq. ft.
AC0005 $12.95
($11.65 w/ 10% discount)

Smoke Deerskin

Soft supple 3 oz deerskin is at a value price. Ideal for pouches, crafts and Black Powder.

Sold by the hide. B Grade. Average hide is 4-6 sq. ft.

AB1012 $24.95
($22.46 w/ 10% discount)

Assorted Suede

Great Value of 50 sq. ft., 2 to 3.5 oz earth tone suedes.

Ideal for crafts, pouches, small accessories and Black Powder use.

SP1101 $39.95
($35.96 w/ 10% discount)

50% Off Sale

LU Croco

Here's an unique hand finished croc print on 3 oz cowhide that is very hard to tell from genuine crocodile. Ideal for bags, fashion belts, trim and garment accents.


Hides average 22 sq. ft. Sold by the hide.

AB3000 $179.95 $89.97
($161.95 w/ 10% discount)

Great Value Garment/Light Weight Bag Sides

Includes soft grain sides, upholstery leathers, light weight bag sides in assorted earth tones.

Leather averages 8-18 sq. ft. Ideal for bags, garments, pouches, crafts, black powder.

45 Sq. Ft of 2-4 oz leather. Great Value!

SP1104 $69.95
($62.96 w/ 10% discount)

Assorted Pig, Cowhide, Kid, Sheep, Goat Hides and Large Pieces

A great buy in light weight, 1.5-3 oz assorted cow, pig, goat, sheep and kid hides and large pieces in earth colors.

5 LB bundle averages 40-50 sq. ft of leather.

Ideal for crafts, small items, lining and Black Powder. Great Value!

SP1107 $39.95
($35.96 w/ 10% discount)

Pearl Pigskin

Our softy 2 oz pigskin is perfect for bags, pouches, garments, leather crafts and black powder.

Value Priced and sold by the hide.

Average hide is 6-8 sq. ft.

PG1102 $24.95
($22.46 w/ 10% discount)

Temporarily Unavailable

Value Cowhide Suede Splits

Our 3-4 oz suede shoulder craft splits are value priced and ideal for moccasins, pouches and black powder.

Colors: Tobacco, Black or Cream.

Hides average 5-8 sq. ft.

SP1031 $14.95
($13.45 w/ 10% discount)

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